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Your Business Needs Social Media. But, Who Has the Time?

wiz kids do.

You know social media is important for engaging your customers and driving them to your website. The problem is finding the time to do it right and consistently. This is where we come in. Wiz Kids are social media natives who will learn your business, your preferences and your style to rock your social presence and keep your business growing. 


We learn your brand voice and style to write custom posts that are engaging, captivating, and well- planned. No more half-assed content!


Our packages fit any company size, social media need, and audience. You can even craft your own plan to fit your unique requirements. 


Wiz Kids can create custom eye-grabbing graphics that pop to showcase your brand, events, and promotions. 



To grow your audience you need to post consistently and actively engage your followers. We optimize your posting time and cadence. 


Your Wiz Kid will stay on top of your social media activity to keep you in the loop about what’s going on from engagements to analytics. 


With your Wiz Kid, craft original ideas for social media campaigns that reflect your current business objectives and promotions. 

What Can a Wiz Kid Do For Your Business?

rock it, that's what

Wiz Kid Social gave our social media new life. We had a huge increase in followers, engagements, and impressions within the first month of working with them! It’s been a dream not having to think of social media, but knowing it’s being taken care of by high-quality professionals—who also graduated from my alma matter! 

~Tara B., Code Talent

After managing our social media in house for several years, we noticed our growth had plateaued and engagement had become stagnant. We decided we needed a fresh voice to breathe life into our online presence which is when we turned Bella at Wiz Kid Social. Wiz Kid took the time to understand our mission, our voice and our audience to create consistent, customized posts. The transition to Wiz Kid Social was seamless and we continue to see an increase in followers and engagement across all channels of social media. 

~Meghan J., Front Range Source 

I knew I needed social media, but when you’re running your own company it’s not high on the list. I hired Wiz Kid Social because I knew it was a necessity in business but I had no idea what needed to go into it. Wiz Kid took the weight off my shoulders and now keeps my accounts updated, relevant, and more appealing for my consumers. Thank you, Wiz Kid! 

~Doug G., SoundKinetics 

Why Should I Hire a Wiz Kid?

Let an Expert Take Your Social Media to the Next Level.

Social media is growing, platforms are increasing their capabilities, and content is constantly lost in the chaos. Let a Wiz Kid help you stand out from the noise to spotlight your brand. 

Experienced Social Marketers That Have Seen Improved Website Traffic Due to Social Media Campaigns91%

Active Internet Users That Social Media Reaches80%

Customers That Rely on Social Media to Make a Purchasing Decision74%

People in the U.S. with At Least One Social Media Account70%

Your Competitors That Have Acquired Customers Through Facebook70%


Flexible pricing options

All packages are personalized for each company. These packages are samples of the amount of work you’ll get depending on your needs. When looking at our packages, keep in mind that we look at your current social media and then make recommendations from there. All packages are extremely flexible and tailored to your brand. 

Wiz It Package

$250/ month

3 Custom Tweets/Week 

2 Retweets or Article Shares/Week

1 Custom Facebook Post/Week 

1 Custom LinkedIn Post/Week 

Monitoring, Reporting & Interaction


Wiz Biz Package

$450/ month

5 Custom Tweets/Week 

5 Retweets or Article Shares/Week 

2 Custom Facebook Posts/Week 

1 Custom LinkedIn Post/Week

1 Custom Promotional Graphic/Week

Monitoring, Reporting & Interaction 


Add on Packages

Create the Perfect Strategy

More Custom Graphics

$75/ month

One Custom Graphic/Week 

Shared on 3 Platforms 

Best Add-On for Wiz It Package

Review Management Starting at

$75/ month

Interaction and monitoring on Yelp and Google Reviews 

Ensure your customers are being heard!


Fill out the form and get a free quote within 24 hours. No obligations, no hassle. 

How It Works

The Wiz Kid Way

Let us take over your social media accounts to implement strategy, content optimization and drive brand exposure. We take the time to learn who you are as a company and project it to a targeted audience to boost trust, interest, and traffic.  


After we get to know you a little better, we’ll match you with the perfect Wiz Kid to handle all things social for your business. Your Wiz Kid will craft the first week of social media content and show it to you for approval. After that, if you’re satisfied, let us do all the work! All we need from you is your weekly promotions, events, specials, or other announcements for customized posts. We’ll take the information and form it into a post that uses your voice and style, reaches the right audience, and enhances your brand’s presence.


Depending on the monthly package you choose, your weekly social activity will look something like this! 

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