Social Media is No Longer an Option Social media has grown from simply a marketing channel to a ubiquitous part of our daily lives. Seemingly mundane events such as lunch, your morning coffee, where you get your oil changed, etc., have all turned into social sharing opportunities for the average connected millennial. The millennial is  Read more ➝

You may know you need social media, but do you know why? With 91% of retail brands using 2 or more social media channels, not having social is rare these days. At least most companies are aware that they have to be communicating to their massive audience on social media. But have you ever wondered what it’s  Read more ➝

Know Your People—Who is Your Audience? By identifying your audience early on, you can better craft posts, promotions, write better blogs, and create stronger campaigns. Identifying your audience is critical and can help your entire brand advance a more dialed-in strategy. In order to connect with your customers and potential customers, you have to know when  Read more ➝

They say that children are the future; one day the young aspiring (insert your job title here) will be next in line and the skills they’ve learned will determine the success of your company. Like many young and driven college students, I believed that the formula to a successful life after graduation included building your  Read more ➝

My name is Bella Brache and I’m a Wiz Kid.   After graduating from the University of Denver with a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications and a triple minor in Business Administration, Spanish, and Socio-Legal Studies, I knew I wanted to get into the digital marketing space. I was determined to make my mark  Read more ➝