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You may know you need social media, but do you know why? With 91% of retail brands using 2 or more social media channels, not having social is rare these days. At least most companies are aware that they have to be communicating to their massive audience on social media. But have you ever wondered what it’s really doing for your business?


01. More Exposure 

The more exposure your business gets, the better. You want to reach your entire audience—and even your secondary audiences! Social media puts you right in front of them, and they’ll know where to go when they’re looking for hours of operation, bookings, and rates. Social media gives your customers the basic information they need to find you, and puts you out there for potential customers to discover.

With 1.49B users on Facebook, 271M on Twitter, and upwards of 300M on both LinkedIn and Instagram, just registering on social media gives you a slice of exposure.



02. Reputation Management 

Having reviews on Yelp, Google, and more review sites helps you get exposure, but are you listening and responding to what’s being said about you? Users expect to be able to reach brands on social media sites and get a direct response back. Whether it’s a bad service experience, flaw in the product, or a question about your business, social media allows for a two-way communication flow between you and your customers—so use it!

In fact, recent statistics show that 78% of people who complain to a brand via Twitter expect a response within an hour. Since review platforms are specifically used for this communication, users on review pages expect to hear back even sooner, and with a more personalized response.

03. Branding 

Showcase who you are through your social media. Use graphics on pages to showcase visuals of your company: use consistent colors and designs across all platforms to build a consistent and appealing brand. Share industry-leading thought articles to demonstrate your involvement in the industry, and share local news to showcase care for your local community. A strong brand builds a strong reputation, and customers are attracted to brands they relate to, even if they’re not the best on the market.


04. Build Relationships 

People are using social media more and more each day. With 79% of internet users on at least one social media platform (and growing each year), building relationships with consumers is getting much easier.

There’s been a shift in the classic relationship structure between business and consumer. Social media has taken the power from the corporations and put it into consumers’ hands. Your customer can now write reviews on multiple platforms for multiple audiences to see, communicate issues publicly yet directly to your brand, and project any frustrations they may have with your business all over the world wide web.

Additionally, your audience has access to research you and your competitors, evaluate for themselves who’s the best, and go with the company they most identify with. Take advantage of this new communication and reach out and be a relatable brand to your consumer. Social media gives you an excellent opportunity to show people how responsive and caring you are to your customers.

05. Rank Higher in Search 

Search engines use data from social networking sites in order to determine how high to rank your website on search. So, just having social accounts will boost your place in search, but posting content will boost you even further. “Social data” is social signals such as number of likes, retweets, or shares, that push your content and webpage to the top of search. The more content you share, and the more interactive your content is, the higher you’ll be pushed in the search results. Use it to your advantage.

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