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Social Media Tips & Tricks for the Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means it’s time to update your social media strategy. With holiday sales in just November and December bringing in a projected $682 billionyou want to get right in front of your target audience and rake in some of the holiday shopping love!

Social media around the holidays may sound easier because there’s more content to create and share, or may sound harder because of crazy holiday schedules! Either way, you have to adjust your social media, and we have some tips and tricks for you to keep in mind.


1. Start Early, End Late 

According to a survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, 40% of US internet users ages 18+ have already begun their holiday shopping by the end of October. Another 40% will begin buying gifts this month, with the final 20% waiting until December to begin their shopping. This means you should’ve already started your social media strategy for the holidays! People are already out there, not just looking for inspiration, but actually buying their gifts. Get in front of them early and stay consistent throughout the holiday months.


2. Adjust Your Posting Schedule 

Social media users are looking at their social media on the holidays to see photos and updates from their friends and families—not brands. Don’t over-post on the holidays, especially promotional content. Be careful to not annoy your followers with unwanted updates, or they will unfollow you.


Your posting schedule should be especially clear of promotional content on big days such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, a simple, “Happy Thanksgiving!” and a gif of a turkey will do.


3. Be Specific 

While creating generic campaigns (“Happy Holidays”) may be easier than creating targeted campaigns or graphics, it’s more effective when you’re actually specific about the holiday. Calling out a specific holiday connects with your audience more than generic wording, and can lead to more shares, engagements, and interactions.


4. Look for Trends to Join 

Find a trending hashtag to join the conversation & become part of the social holiday cheer! Join in on photo challenges, encourage your followers to participate in the conversation, or follow top brands and join their hashtag campaigns. The possibilities are endless with holiday content.


5. Utilize All Channels 

Don’t just give your followers something to shop about on one platform—use them all! These days, consumers go far and wide for gift ideas. After browsing the store and watching TV, social is the next place buyers look, with 29% finding gift ideas on Facebook, 17% on Pinterest, and 24% via email newsletter. Try to provide gift inspiration on ever channel you have to reach those customers.


6. Target Younger Consumers 

While the majority of consumers may not use social media for gift inspiration, younger consumers absolutely do. We are increasingly seeing younger generations look to social media first when beginning their holiday shopping.


In the Millennial generation, 47% use Facebook for holiday gift ideas, 31% use Instagram, and 27% use Pinterest.  For Generation Z, we see Instagram take over at 44%, followed by Facebook at 39% and Pinterest at 30%.



7. Offer More Than Discounts 

While discounts are one way to get your customers shopping, the only issue during the holiday season is that everyone has special discountsStand out and offer something different, like free shipping or a free gift with purchase. Try to do something a little wacky and fun to get your followers attention—because a simple Christmas discount won’t do it!


8. Don’t Ignore Your Current Customers 

While the holiday season is an easy time to think about attracting new followers and getting your product in front of a set of new eyes, don’t forget about your loyal customers! Try giving out early specials to your followers and customers that have been there since the beginning. Invite specific customers to your events on Facebook to show appreciation for their service. The holidays are a great time to get new customers, but it’s also a great time to show your current customers how much you appreciate them.


9. Encourage Followers to Share 

This is a way to get new and old customers involved! Encourage your audience to share weird holiday traditions, recipes, or funny stories and share them back out! Show you customers that you care about their holiday fun and you want to be a part of it. Host a fun photo-challenge, start a new hashtag, anything you can do to get your followers involved and sharing with you.

HotelTonight has a great example below. To encourage followers to share stories, they even have a cash prize. It’s a great way to get people talking to each other, to your brand, and share fun content to your audience.


10. Support a Charitable Cause 

The holiday season is all about giving. Get together with your team and pick a charity or organization to support—whether it be through donations or volunteer hours! Work towards the team goal, track it, share it, and encourage your followers to get involved, too. It’s all about spreading that Christmas cheer.

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