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If you’re here, you’re probably already posting videos and photos on your company’s Instagram account, and wondering about the Instagram Stories feature on the app. The stories feature shows users “stories” at a bar at the top of your home feed. Simply click the user’s icon to view their story—a short series of photos or  Read more ➝

The game of winning the attention of your customers is all about arbitrage. Arbitrage of labor and cash, and how to reach who you need at the cheapest possible cost of either. In modern digital marketing, Facebook and Google get the lion’s share of attention. However, there is an incredible amount of value in other  Read more ➝

Social Media Tips & Tricks for the Holiday Season The holidays are fast approaching, and that means it’s time to update your social media strategy. With holiday sales in just November and December bringing in a projected $682 billion, you want to get right in front of your target audience and rake in some of the holiday  Read more ➝

Social Media is No Longer an Option Social media has grown from simply a marketing channel to a ubiquitous part of our daily lives. Seemingly mundane events such as lunch, your morning coffee, where you get your oil changed, etc., have all turned into social sharing opportunities for the average connected millennial. The millennial is  Read more ➝

You may know you need social media, but do you know why? With 91% of retail brands using 2 or more social media channels, not having social is rare these days. At least most companies are aware that they have to be communicating to their massive audience on social media. But have you ever wondered what it’s  Read more ➝

Know Your People—Who is Your Audience? By identifying your audience early on, you can better craft posts, promotions, write better blogs, and create stronger campaigns. Identifying your audience is critical and can help your entire brand advance a more dialed-in strategy. In order to connect with your customers and potential customers, you have to know when  Read more ➝