Who's a Wiz Kid?

A Wiz Kid is someone who knows social media, knows its influence, and how to take advantage of it. A Wiz Kid knows how to speak for a wide range of brands, to a diverse selection of consumers. Most importantly, a Wiz Kid understands how important social media is for businesses and is passionate about using their social media powers to grow and engage present and potential audiences.

FAQ: What do Wiz Kids get paid?

Wiz Kids are paid a portion of monthly prescription fees. As a Wiz Kid, you get to decide how much you work, where you want to work, and when you get the work done. We ask for a minimum commitment of one hour per week, but the more you work the more you make! Typically, Wiz Kids end up making around $20 an hour.

Once we receive your application, someone on the Wiz Kid team will contact you. We’ll then set you up with your first account and let you take it from there. You can take on as many accounts as you’d like, so the amount of hours and the money you make is completely up to you.

FAQ: Can I get a full-time job from this?

Yes! Wiz Kids can be hired by any and all clients they take on as a Wiz Kid. Clients are free to hire you with no placement fee from us. Our goal is to help you make money and get real experience. Our goal, the best possible outcome, is you doing your best to reach a full-time job with your client. 


FAQ: How long do I have to commit?

We need you to commit to at least one hour per week for four weeks. Because our packages are monthly subscriptions, we want our companies to have the same Wiz Kid for at least a month, preferably longer! This way, you truly get to know the brand, voice and audience the company needs.