Wiz Kid Social is a women-owned company. Our team banded together to solve two major problems. Firstly, the demand for affordable social media for small businesses is not being met. Secondly, we noticed modern internship programs at universities nationwide are taking advantage of savvy future business leaders by failing to pay, failing to provide impactful experiences, and also failing to add value to their resumes.


So, we came together to address the two-fold problem and build Wiz Kid Social. While giving businesses the fractional and influential social media help they need, Wiz Kid Social also provides social media natives (Wiz Kids) with real, paid experience with real and local companies. 



Bella Brache is the original Wiz Kid. After graduating from the University of Denver in 2017, she started developing her marketing portfolio, which included doing  social media strategies for a diverse array of companies. That’s where Wiz Kid comes in. Brache is known as a main writer for the Denver Startup-Week Online Publication, an impactful voice in the Denver tech community, and for her love of powder days.


Nate Greenlee is a long time entrepreneur. He has been involved in numerous startups in multiple vertical markets — software, big data, and he was very early in the new space market. Greenlee is a native Coloradoan and an organizer of Denver Startup Week, the world’s largest free startup week.

Go Buffs!


Leah Zions is the co-founder of Team & Culture, a Denver Marketing firm, and Wiz Kid Social. She is a serial entrepreneur and has a long history of working with startups. She is also an editorial writer and has worked as an editor for several publications and is currently the editor of the Denver Startup Week Online Publication. As a “big-picture” kind of person, Zions has a passion for building successful strategies for growing businesses.   


Mike St. John is an entrepreneur at heart, founding and serving as president for several successful businesses. St. John’s diverse business ventures have included IT hardware and software integration,
telecommunications services, professional services in the finance industry and broadband franchise
negotiation with state and local governments.