Wiz Bang Package


5 Custom Tweets per Week

Your Wiz Kid will craft tweets for your brand with your style & voice. These tweets can be about anything you want—promotions, events, special deals, employees, or featured products. The possibilities are endless! 

5 Retweets or Article Shares per Week

In order to stay relevant on Twitter, you should be sharing industry news, local events, and relevant stories. Retweeting or sharing articles helps your followers stay updated, gets your brand exposure to new followers and companies, and helps grow your network. 

Custom Graphic for Each Promotional Post

Images tend to do better across most platforms. The Wiz Bang package includes customized graphics for each promotional post you have. Whether you’re promoting a new product, trying to drive reviews, or showing off a new blog post, your Wiz Kid will make it more exciting with a specialized graphic. 

2 Custom Facebook Posts per Week

This can be whatever YOU want. Promote deals, events, and more with customized Facebook posts. Facebook, unlike Twitter, is a long-form platform where you can dive into more details and share more than 140 characters. Your Wiz Kid will craft a post that gives information and keeps followers engaged without writing a novel. 

1 Custom LinkedIn Post per Week

Whatever your heart desires. Discuss industry trends, exciting new services, or announce job openings. LinkedIn is a professional platform, but it is also important for B2C brands to have a presence. LinkedIn shows a level of professionalism to your customers, employees, investors, and potential employees and investors. 

4 Campaign Ideas per Month

With the Wiz Bang package, your Wiz Kid will brainstorm and propose 4 different social media campaign ideas per month. Of course, we need your help to get it going. Let us know your goals and we will come up with new ways to  push engagements, interactions, and grow your audience. 

Monitoring, Reporting, & Interaction

You will receive monthly statistics on how your social media accounts are doing. Page views, link clicks, retweets—the whole shebang. Your Wiz Kid will update you on everything happening, while keeping it under control. Unhappy customer posting on your Facebook page? The Wiz Kid has it handled. We’ll make sure to respond to questions, reviews, and complaints in a timely manner, showing your followers that you care.